Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra camera glass just breaks?

Users report that the glass of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra breaks easily. Lariekoek or a big design flaw?

We have been raining lately about a questionable performance of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. In fact, the ultra-luxury smartphone’s camera sometimes would n’t do it at all . So far, however, these were problems that could theoretically be fixed with software. New notifications from some Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users, on the other hand, are a bit more concerning. Does the camera island have an inherent ‘design flaw’?

Broken camera glass
Several users report on the Samsung forum that the glass in front of the camera just broke. Both in this thread and in this conversation it appears that several users experience a problem with the camera protection. And in either case, the glass on the camera island would have broken without a prior drop. Some couples also report that the camera glass of them both broke despite a case and careful use.

Lariekoek or design flaw?
Now, this story smells a bit of nonsense, of course. As a critic, you might think that one user makes up the story to collect his insurance money. Other clumsy Galaxy S20 Ultra users see the message and claim the same. But one of the users literally says that he / she had his smartphone on a bedside table. After the user woke up, the glass appeared to have burst. Some other users have similar stories.

No guarantee (yet)
For the time being, the damage is not covered by the warranty given by Samsung. After all, the multi-billion dollar company has to believe that it just happened. However, should this story blow up and there appear to be many more Galaxy S20 Ultra users with blown glass, then Samsung does have a problem. It would be yet another blunder for the very expensive device and of course they are not waiting for that.

Vanessa Guess

Vanessa Guess

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