Several groups protest China’s cruel Uighur crackdown and release of detained Canadians | World news

A total of eight groups, including Canadian-Indian friends and seven other groups, protested the brutal crackdown of Uyghurs and concentration camps in China and the release of two Canadians detained in China. The protests took place on October 18 from 12pm to 4pm.

The protests marched from the Vancouver Art Gallery to the Chinese consulate in Vancouver, and protesters gathered outside the Chinese consulate to oppose the Chinese government’s crackdown on the Uighur community and other ethnic groups.

Maninder Gill of a Canadian-Indian friend said that Chinese law threatens freedom of speech, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Gil strongly condemned China for its irresponsible behavior and dictatorship.

Avtar Johal, Paul Braich, Baljinder Cheema, Parmjit Khosla, Dr Hakam Bhullar, Ashish Manral, Manpreet Grewal, Irfan Rana, Sohaib Ali Bajwa and many others took part in the protests under the guidance of Maninder Gill. A slogan has been raised against China. More than 500 people took part in the protests.

Protesters followed all guidelines from BC Health Department due to COVID-19. People wore masks and social distancing was maintained.

The other 7 organizations that have joined the Friend of Canada-India are:

1. Tibetan Council of Canada and the Tibetan Community
2. Friends of the Indian Organization of Canada
3. Vancouver Liberal, Democracy and Human Rights Association of China
4. Political activists of
Hong Kong in Vancouver 5. The Vancouver People who care about Hong Kong
6. The Vancouver Society (VSSDM) supports the democratic movement )
7. Vancouver Uighur Association

Maninder Gill of Friends of Canada-India at the end thanked everyone and said it was a successful event despite COVID-19.

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