Singapore airline Kovid-Hit offers “parched dinner jets”

Singapore Airlines has turned to alternative methods of collecting cash by offering “nowhere to fly”.

Singapore, Singapore:

Food on the tarmac has become an unexpected hit for coronovirus-stricken Singapore Airlines, with hundreds of “passengers” paying the equivalent of a low-budget ticket to dine in an A380 jambos on the ground.

For a hefty sum of up to Sg $ 642 ($ 470), those in a rush for airline meals can have a meal aboard the world’s largest A380 passenger plane.

With the aviation industry in deep crisis due to the epidemic, airlines have turned to alternative methods of raising funds, ranging from “not giving flights anywhere” to air travel.

Singapore Airlines, which cut thousands of jobs this year and shut down all of its planes, decided to try a different route: offering travel-hungry customers the option to dine in a pop-up restaurant on two A380s. Do it

The Straits Times newspaper reported that the option to eat plain food proved surprisingly popular – the 900 seats for the October 24 lunch and lunch were sold out within half an hour of opening Monday.

Citing “huge demand,” the carrier said the restaurant would be open for two more days. Lunch and dinner are now served on all four dates.

The most expensive option is a four-course meal in a First-Class Suite, while the cheapest is $ 53 and includes three-course meals in Economy Class.

About half of the seats in double-decker jets parked at Changi Airport will remain vacant, according to social guidelines.

And for those who want to bring an in-flight experience to their lounge, Singapore Airlines also offers home food delivery by plane.

But the airline has opened “flights for flights” – short trips starting and ending at the same airport – after outrage over the potential environmental impact.

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