.. So Xi Jinping got sick? Something happened that caused Carrie Lam to panic

Xi Jinping

During the Communist Party’s program in Schengen, Jinping coughed so much that the media were gone. CEO Carrie Lam was so panicked that he distanced himself from Xi Jinping.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (file photo).

New Delhi: Chinese President Xi Jinping’s health speculation has intensified. According to some reports, Xi Jinping would have fallen ill. This is why during the Communist Party’s speech in Schengen, he coughed repeatedly. Stop them from talking again and again. Reading was

Xi Jinping was coughing so much that all the media cameras turned away from the President, although the audio of Xi Jinping coughing on the camera was continuously recorded. After all this incident, news is spreading rapidly that Xi Jinping has been affected by the coronavirus.

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Carrie Lam Panicked

A Hong Kong newspaper reported that the Hong Kong CEO was so panicked by the incident (Xi Jinping’s cough) in Schengen that he distanced himself from Xi Jinping. Jinping coughed and drank water again and again.

All the leaders of the world have entered the grip

The Corona virus, which started from Wuhan, has captured all the leaders of the world. United States President Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Jair Bolsonaro, Bolivia, Guatemala, the President of Honduras and the Prime Minister of Armenia have been infected with the virus. It is now being speculated that Xi Jinping’s name may also be included in this list.

But there is very little chance of this happening because China is not known for transparency. Even when the virus first spread, Xi Jinping mysteriously disappeared. He disappeared from public life not once, but twice. Then he appeared without a mask, to show that China had defeated the virus. He finished the block and allowed pool parties, but now his “stunt” can backfire.

When Jinping coughed, all the leaders were present, if he is infected, then all those leaders may have been infected too.


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