Sold at a record price, it is unique in the name of ‘Pink Heera’, ‘The Spirit of the Rose’

Geneva : the most expensive diamonds in the world One of the purple-pink diamonds “The Spirit of the Rose” will now reach the anonymous buyer, who bought the pink diamond at a record price. 14 called “The spirit of the rose”. 83 It was bought by an anonymous person.

Alrosa got this diamond

This diamond is one of the largest pink crystals found in Russia. Its shape is oval. This pink diamond was found in July 2017 from a mine by the Russian diamond producer Alrosa. It has also been exhibited in major cities such as Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. The price of this extremely rare diamond is very high, because the pink diamond mine that supplies the world is closed.

Sale of diamonds below the estimated price
According to Sotheby’s, it has been estimated that the cost of this diamond was two 33 crore to $ 3 crore

. will be priced in the millions of US dollars. This diamond offering started with one million US dollars 60 and two 83 crores stopped going to one million US dollars. This diamond was sold at a record price including commission. 

Investing in diamonds made the first choice of the rich

Heera is the first choice of the rich. In recent times it has been seen that naturally colored diamonds are not only popular but also bought by the richest people in the world. Unlike white diamonds, these stones have a special lattice layer that is able to prevent light from altering the color.

Diamond mining has stopped at Arjel Mine

The world’s most famous pink diamonds are found in Australia’s main Arjel mine and are the most supplied from here. However, the mining of such pink diamonds in the mine has almost stopped in recent times, due to which the mining has stopped.

Pink diamonds become rarer over time

According to DW, Tobias Kormond, Europe’s largest online diamond trader, says: “Pink diamonds become rarer over time, for lucky buyers they will prove very attractive in the coming years due to of the increase in prices “. Sotheby’s says that five of the ten most expensive diamonds sold so far were pink diamonds.

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