Something strange was seen shining in the sky, people were afraid to see it!

Senator Juan: If you see fireballs in the sky if you see something like (Fireball), he’s bound to be shocked. Something similar happened in Puerto Rico when, in October, people’s eyes stopped. People saw that something like a bright fire was moving from one direction to another in the sky.

Information given to authorities

) People became somewhat nervous after seeing this amazing sight. Contact and inform officials. However, there were some who captured this astronomical phenomenon that was seen on the Caribbean island in their camera.

Colorful fireball from last night. The tail appears to be pointing in the direction of Taurus so it could be a phase meteor. 4K version at and

– Frankie Lucena (@ frankie 21 PR) October 21, 2020


Posted Frankie Lucena (@ frankie 57 PR) posted a video on her Twitter account. Where it turns out that something is descending from the sky towards the fire in bright light. Lucena says it might have been the Tearide meteorite.

A river flowing in the desert of Thar 172,000 years ago, researchers found shocking clues

Activities increased,

according to astronomers, more meteor showers in this area increased, resulting in these sights. The Caribbean Astronomical Society says that even in broad daylight, people saw hundreds of “white spots” in the sky.

what is the reason?

When a large number of small meteorites come into contact with our atmosphere, they create friction, causing the meteorites to turn into sparks of fire. Scientists say that meteorites are part of the asteroid. When asteroids are broken for any reason, their separate part is called a meteor.


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