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Restructuring brings many Important units under one brand

Japanese electronics giant Sony has announced it will set a new intermediate entity to care for some of its main product lines.

The new holding company, known as Sony Electronics Corporation, will come into effect from April 1. It will become an umbrella company for three separate business units – the electronics products and solutions section, home entertainment and sound and mobile communications.

Including such high-end things as stero systems, cellular phones, and cameras.
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Based on company, the restructuring”will not just accelerate the integrated performance of their EP&S businesses but also aim to maximize its own organizational structure, ability and business portfolio, while further improving competitiveness and developing new business.”

All of the applicable sales and marketing, production, logistics, procurement and technology platforms will even get aligned under the new entity.

Shigeki Ishizuka will function as CEO/President of Sony Electronics and a representative manager. He’ll also take charge of the Electronics Products & Solutions Business in Addition to the Storage Media Business.

Ichiro Takagi was called the Representative Director and Executive Deputy President, COO of this newly established entity.

While this might not initially Sony has done a restructuring, it expects that this aligning all of its customer electronics businesses under one entity enables unique units to collaborate effectively and discuss technology with no organizational hurdles.

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