Space travel: A heart attack reaches space, so the astronauts will have to do the work

New Delhi: Thinking about space, many exciting questions and ideas start to appear. Until now, space travel was only possible for astronauts. But now space travel is turning into a big industry. Now not only will astronauts be able to travel in space, normal people will also be able to do so. In the near future, space tourism will be a big industry, in which all people will be able to travel.

Now if people travel on spaceflight, the facilities there will be repaired accordingly. For major illnesses such as heart attacks, it is important to prepare in advance. Scientists are working on new technology for this.

CPR works like this

In the event that a heart attack occurs on Earth, the patient is treated with CPR. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, that is, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a technique when a sudden heart attack occurs, the other person puts pressure on the person and gives him breathing through his mouth. This makes her heart beat again.

However, the exact same treatment cannot be given in space. So far there has been no accident in space like an astronauts having a heart attack. In fact, so far only fit astronauts have gone into space and that too for a short time. In this case, scientists are working on a new technology.

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Scientists are now preparing for a long-running campaign. Preparations are already underway for Mars and distant space missions, preparations have already begun for the stability of the Moon and Mars, and space tourism will now disappear from the science fiction dictionary.

Research in space emergency medicine

Now, if there is space travel, medical problems can come too. Scientists are doing research on this topic. Professor Juven Hinkelbein, Vice President of the Association of Aeronautics and Space Medicine, and Stephen Kerkhove, are conducting new research on CPR in space. In this study, Yovin told how CPR should be given if one has to experience cardiac arrest in space.

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Professor Juven Hinkelbein says that during a flight like Mars, if a passenger experiences an emergency stroke, shock, or poisoning in an emergency situation, there is a possibility of a heart attack in those circumstances.

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