Sputnik-5 vaccine is up to 92% effective on covid-19 – Russian institute claims up to 92% effectiveness on Sputnik-5 Kovid-19 vaccine


The vaccine called “Sputnik-5” from Kovid-19 being prepared by the Russian National Institute of Epidemiology and Research on Microorganisms Gamalaya has been shown to be effective up to 92%. This was confirmed based on the first interim data obtained from the most randomized placebo-controlled phase III trial in Russia. In a press release issued by Gamalaya and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), 40,000 volunteers participated in the test. These trials studied the effect of the vaccine on more than 16,000 volunteers who received the vaccine or a placebo 21 days after the first injection.

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The statement said the results of a statistical analysis of 20 cases of the corona virus showed the Sputnik-5 vaccine to be 92% effective after the second dose. In September 2020, Dr Reddy’s and RDIF reached an agreement for the clinical trial of the Sputnik-5 vaccine and its distribution in India. Under the agreement, RDIF will make available to Dr Reddy’s one thousand crore doses of the vaccine.

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