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Squid Game is officially the most popular Netflix series of all time, according to Nielsen ratings.

According to Netflix, the newcomer Squid Game continues to shatter records and is currently their most popular series of all time. It’s a little ambiguous, there’s a lot of tension, and it’s surrounded by a lot of excitement.

There are films and television programmes where a release has been anticipated for years, and the new season or film detonates with the force of a nuclear bomb. In fact, it’s logical. Squid Game is located at the other end of the spectrum, on the other side of the spectrum. Despite being a worldwide popular series, this Korean entrée into the Netflix universe was not anticipated at all: it simply appeared, and the subsequent hype was left to handle the marketing for it. Since September 2021, the series has been ingrained in our collective consciousness.

Squid Game is the most watched series in Netflix history, according to the company’s Twitter account, which claims that no other series has had as many views in the first four weeks. Squid Game is officially the most watched Netflix series of all time in its first month of release. The show managed to convince 111 million viewers to tune in to find out what it is about this somewhat ambiguous Korean series that has become so successful. With this achievement, Squid Game surpasses Bridgerton, which received “just” 82.2 million views in the month of its initial release.



Worth mentioning is that Squid Game is the most popular Netflix series ever, with 111 million viewers, but that number is inflated by those who click on the show and then close their browser window after a minute or two. It is not known how many individuals made it all the way through to the ninth episode. Nonetheless, it is sometimes reported that individuals are so engrossed in the series that they simply watch it from beginning to end.


As previously said, the format of the series could not be more straightforward. 456 individuals take on the role of Annemaria Koekoek in a way. But if you don’t stop in time, you’ll be confronted with a huge, terrifying doll as a counter, as well as machine guns. Winning is equivalent to receiving a large sum of money, whereas losing is equivalent to death. Although there’s more to it, let’s just say that looking away from the baton when a drop of blood is enough to send you flying is not a good idea.

Squid Game maintains its position as the most popular release in the series and is officially the most popular release overall. Have you had a chance to watch it yet?

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