Super food to increase power | Super Food: To Make Your Sex Life Fun When You Take These Things

Along with the relationship of love and caring between partners, good sex is also very important. This makes the relationship between partners stronger. Partners who have sex also become more emotionally and mentally attached to each other. But running life changed everyone’s eating habits. It has a direct impact on your sex life. People try different ways to increase their sexual ability.

Taking these things improves your sex life

According to experts, before sexual intercourse, some have a good effect, while others have a negative effect. Learn about superfoods that eating can increase your sexual power.

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Eating chocolate makes you feel better

According to experts, eating chocolate produces a hormone in your body called serotonin. This hormone improves mood. Also, eating chocolate eliminates anxiety and increases the pleasure of sex many times. In addition to this, sexual desire increases due to the phenethylamine present in chocolate.

Pomegranate pleasure brings pleasure to sex.

According to experts, eating pomegranate increases sexual function and fertility. Also, eating pomegranate juice makes you feel better. If you eat pomegranate before sex, you can fully enjoy it.

Eating spinach increases sexual desire

Spinach is found in excessive amounts of magnesium. This increases testosterone levels. Eating spinach before intercourse doubles the pleasure of having sex. Eating spinach increases a woman’s libido.

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The watermelon-eating penis is working properly

Citrulline amino acids in watermelon are converted into arginine amino acids after entering the body. By this, the penis begins to function properly.

Energy comes from avocado consumption

Avocado fruit contains healthy fats and fiber, providing energy to the body. They eat avocado fruit before sexual intercourse so that the body doesn’t run out of energy and enjoy sex. In addition, eating avocado fruit relieves fatigue and irritability in women.

Strawberry increases sexual intercourse

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which eliminates anxiety and increases sexual intercourse. Eating strawberries increases libido due to the hormone oxytocin produced by the body.

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Drinking coffee or tea relieves anxiety

Coffee or tea contains caffeine. Its use eliminates male performance. If you drink coffee or tea before sex, you can fully enjoy sex.

Fatty fish leads to better sexual health

Omega-3s are found a lot in fatty fish. Sexual health is good with its use. If you are a vegetarian instead of a non-vegetarian, eating flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts can improve your sexual health.

Do not consume these things

If you want to enjoy sex with your partner, you shouldn’t eat anything like butter or meat before sex. This slows down blood circulation in the body and directly affects the desire to have sex.

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