Super Recovery, Joe Biden Picks Up US Presidential Election Between Depression: Donald Trump | World news

Washington: US President Donald Trump said Friday the American election was a choice between his administration’s “super recovery” and Democratic contender Joe Biden’s “depression”.

“Biden proved last night that he was incapable of becoming president of the United States,” Trump launched a campaign in the state of Florida on the battlefield just one day after the last presidential debate.

“The state has seen firsthand that this election is one of Trump’s recovery. And I’ll call it because it’s happening. It’s Trump Super Recovery and Biden Depression. Because you will be depressed.” Trump in applause from thousands of supporters.

The November 3 presidential election, he said, is a choice between optimism, a patriotic vision for American success, and Biden’s’dark, gloomy and gloomy’ vision.

“It’s a gloomy vision. We’re all about the American Dream. It’s all about the American Dream. It is the greatest country in the world.”
Trump argued that Biden was completely controlled by the radical and socialist left.

“This country can never be a socialist country. never. One of the most surprising moments last night was when Joe Biden admitted he wanted to abolish the oil industry.”

And Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris, insisted that he was a “beginner true left.”

“She is against fracking. If they go in they will end your energy independence. We now have energy independence. They will get it done very quickly,” he said.

Trump said during the debate that Biden had “set up Medicare to fund the government acquisition,” explaining plans to create socialized medicine.

He said, “Biden’s running mate, the most progressive legislator of the US Senate? And by the way, Kamala won’t be your first female president. She will not be your first female president.”

“This is not the intended way. We shouldn’t be socialists. We will not be a socialist state. We will not have a socialist president, especially a female socialist president. We will not stand it. It won’t happen. “Trump said.

“Socialist healthcare programs like those supported by Biden and Harris always deny coverage to patients and seniors to reduce soaring costs,” the president insisted.

“Our opponents want to make America communist Cuba, socialist Venezuela. Look at the ideology these people say, look at Portland with all the anarchists.”

If Biden wins, the radical left “will turn this country into something people can’t recognize,” he argued. They want trillions of dollars in new taxes to “shredding” the middle class and making the Supreme Court a far left judge, Trump said.

“If you want your grandchildren to grow up in a free country where they can speak their hearts and pursue the American Dream, you have to defeat the sleepy Biden and the radical left. You have to do that.”

Biden had no clue, but insisted he was surrounded by people with problems. “You have to reject leftist fascism and vote for American freedom. Our country will be greater than ever. Look out. Look out. We are ready.”

Responding to Biden’s remarks that the United States is entering a dark winter, Trump said his rival is “trying to scare people.”

“He’s trying to get something that’s why he’s failed at all levels of government, but what they don’t remember is swine flu and how bad it was. I bring it up whenever I can, but we don’t get into the dark winter. At the end of the tunnel we are entering the last turn to approach the light. This is the way I look. “He insisted.

Trump said he is working to provide the antibody treatment he received for free to anyone in need. He said he was treated with the medicine and felt like Superman.

“You will get an epidemic or a vaccine to end an epidemic. And it will end and eradicate it. But without it it disappears, but with it it disappears faster and will happen very quickly. You “will be able to get it soon.”

“But according to Biden’s plan, Americans will be trapped for years,” Trump said. The cure will be worse than the problem itself.”

He said Biden would “trap” America in the endless Middle East and other wars. “I’ve done more in 47 months than sleepy Biden did in 47 years,” Trump said. It’s true.”

“Voting for Republicans is a vote for a safe community, great jobs, and an infinite future for all Americans. This is a vote on the American Dream. Over the next four years, we will make the United States the world’s manufacturing powerhouse and end our dependence on China at once. It has already begun. “He said.

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