Taiwan’s Foreign Minister said: – Without doubt, the Corona virus originates from China

Corona virus

Taiwan believes that the Coronavirus is native to China. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said: “We have no doubts.”


New Delhi: Almost 10 months have passed since the Coronavirus pandemic and it is worldwide It has spread, but so far there are doubts about its introduction. Many reports claim it originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan (Wuhan), while some claim that it spread from a laboratory in Wuhan. Some reports have even claimed that China and the World Health Organization (WHO) have tried to cover up the outbreak, although these allegations are not yet proven.

Corona virus originated from China: Taiwan

Taiwan believes that the corona virus originated from China. Speaking to the affiliate channel of ZEE NEWS WION, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said: “We have no doubts.” , when Taiwanese health experts saw some Internet reports and videos of patients treated in isolation.

The origin of the crown needs to be investigated

Taiwan claims that the coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan and therefore they have begun to take precautions against people from China. Dr. Wu said, “We have no hesitation. We started investigating travelers returning from Wuhan. Therefore, there is no doubt for us that Wuhan is the origin of this worldwide epidemic ”. He also said where the outbreak originated from should be investigated. “


When asked if he believed WHO had helped China cover the epidemic. Then he said: “Initially, the WHO did not see the coronavirus as a very serious threat to the international community and the general consensus is that when the WHO started taking it seriously, it was too late.


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