Terrorist financing watchers hit hard on Pakistan remaining on FATF’s gray list World news

New Delhi: In a decision that went as expected, Pakistan remains on the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a terrorist financing watchdog that will affect the country’s economy. The FATF’s decision hurts the government headed by Imran Khan.

Being on the gray list means that countries need to reform their financial systems so that money is not used for terrorism.

Pakistan was included on the gray list of Paris-based institutions in June 2018 and an action plan was given. Two years have passed, and Islamabad continues to be on the list, as the execution plan was not implemented.

The FATF launched a three-day virtual plenary session on Wednesday, October 21st to review Pakistan’s achievements in implementing its recommended action plan to block channels of funding for terrorist groups operating in Pakistan.

India reiterated on Thursday, October 22 that Islamabad did not take any action against terrorists who were providing safe haven.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Anu Rag Sri Vastaba said, “As is well known, Pakistan continues to provide safe havens for terrorist groups and individuals, and does not take any action against several terrorist groups and individuals, including those banned by the UNSC such as Masood. Did not. Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim, Zakir-ur-Rahman Lakhvi, etc. “

The terrorists listed by India are responsible for several terrorist attacks in India, such as the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Sri Bastava says Pakistan has addressed only 21 of the 27 “action items” mandated by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to curb terrorist financing.

Sri Bastava, who asked about the possibility of the FATF blacklisting Pakistan, which failed to finance terrorism, said the global anti-terrorism watchdog had established standards and procedures for such measures. “I know that Pakistan is dealing with only 21 items out of a total of 27 items in the FATF Action Plan. “We haven’t covered the six important action items yet.”

The FATF listed Pakistan on the’Graylist’ in 2018 for its failure to curb terrorist financing. The World Organization is periodically reviewing the implementation of its recommended action plan for Pakistan to curb the fiscal activities of terrorist groups.

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Despite the coronavirus pandemic in the region, Pakistan is resorting to unprovoked truce violations along the LoC and is working together to push militants into Kashmir.

Hostilities in Pakistan increased after India withdrew its special status in Jammu and Kashmir in August 2019 and decided to divide the country into two union territories.

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