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Tesla is getting rid of its own rewards programme.

Tesla will no longer be giving out gifts because they will be discontinuing their long-running rewards programme, which has been in place for years.

What methods do you use to persuade others to use the same product as you use? Of course, there will be a rewards scheme. If you are successful in’selling’ the goods or service to your acquaintance, boyfriend or girlfriend, you will receive a reward for your efforts as well. Moreover, Tesla has had its own rewards programme in place for many years. The American company has since discontinued this practise.

Whether it was the company’s automobiles or solar energy, everyone was pleased. They were given out as part of referral incentives. As of September 18, the majority of the activities associated with this programme have been halted. In the case of the Solar Roof, it is only active when it is needed. The reward for participating in this campaign is a cash prize of up to $500 or a free Powerwall.

It was a fantastic programme for Tesla drivers to use to encourage others to purchase their vehicles. For example, you may trade your time for free charging at a Supercharger. However, in the end, this results in a financial loss for the American corporation. To save money, these types of initiatives are frequently the first to be phased out.

At this time, it is unclear whether Tesla’s rewards programme will be revived in a different form in the future. In any event, it doesn’t appear to be the case. (via Electric )

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