The British royal family is looking for a housekeeper, she will be wiped out after hearing the salary

British royal family

The British royal family of Great Britain is looking for a housekeeper. In the initial month 13, it will be the apprenticeship and subsequently a full time job will be taken. And speaking of salary, just blow the senses of ordinary people.


) London : The British royal family is looking for a housekeeper. The starting month 13 will be this apprenticeship and a full time job will be taken afterwards. And speaking of salary, just blow the senses of ordinary people. Yes, the apprentice who lives in the Royal Palace of the Royal Family will receive the full salary of Rs. 5 lakh.

Information Provided on the Royal Family Website

Information on this work has been provided on the British Royal Family website. This will be the level 2 apprenticeship. For which the selected person will also have the opportunity to stay in the royal palace (Windsor Castle). Not only that, you will only have to work five days a week and in return you will have a 33 year old with a large salary and from the Royal Family. Travel expenses will also be available along with food.

A chance to live in all royal palaces, but knowledge of English mathematics is required.According

to information provided by the Royal Family, the chosen person should have knowledge of all palaces and should be ready to reach anywhere. However, the person applying for the job should have a strong grip on English and math. And yes, even if in some of these cases you are less, the staff of the royal family will train you. However, you need to be aware of cleanliness.

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