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The Bugatti Chiron, owned by a Dutch kitchen farmer, has been sold.

It hasn’t been driven much at all. Perhaps someone else will benefit from Bernhard ten Brinke’s Bugatti Chiron’s high-octane performance.

Bernhard ten Brinke is not just a successful entrepreneur, but he is also the owner and CEO of Bribus Kitchens and Dakar-coreur, among others. In addition, he is a vehicle collector. Preferably from high-end and high-priced merchandise. Ferrari Enzo, Porsche Carrera GT, Mercedes CLK DTM AMG are just a few of the cars on display. Say it, or the best man has already said it (had it). He was presented with the keys to a Bugatti Chiron Sport two years prior.

Because the automobile barely made it out of the garage, the hypercar has not seen much of the country’s highways. Furthermore, it never had a Dutch registration number attached to it. Of course, this saves another bomb on the BPM. However, after two years and 600 kilometres, Bernhard ten Brinke’s Bugatti Chiron Sport is ready to be retired from his collection.

Bugatti Bernhard ten Brinke  Alternatively, if you have € 3,695,000 stashed away in an old sock, you can purchase Bugatti from Bernhard ten Brinke. Despite this, driving on public roads is still not a viable choice due to the fact that the price does not include BPM. The Chiron Sport is painted in carbon black with highlights in French Racing Blue, and it has a carbon fibre roof. There’s a photo to see. If a foreign bidder is interested, the Netherlands will be one Bugatti Chiron poorer in the not-too-distant future. The fact that this one would only look beautiful in a collection is a shame, but it is not anything that we miss.

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