The chaos of Vamco in the Philippines, 67 dead and many missing

Manila: In the Philippines, the left is causing chaos. The number of deaths due to this is on the rise. The country’s National Disaster Agency said Sunday that the left’s death toll arrived this week 67. Additionally, according to the Philippine police and military, 22 people have also disappeared since the storm came.

President Rodrigo Duterte also planned to travel to the northern province of Tuguegara to assess the situation in the Kagyan Valley region. The main island of Luzon, including the capital Manila, was flooded after heavy rain.

Disaster Agency spokesman Mark Timble said 22 people died in Kagyan, while in the southern Luzon provinces 17, another 8 20 people in Metro Manila and other areas. In addition 21 people were injured.

Large-scale losses also to farms

According to media reports, rice and maize fields in many areas of Kagyan were submerged until Sunday. Thousands of families have been affected by heavy floods, water released from a dam and plateaus due to the effects of previous weather disturbances. People who lived in two-story houses had to run to the roof to save their lives.

The damage to agriculture due to the floods was initially estimated at 1.2 billion pesos (25 million), while the infrastructure was The loss was estimated at 470 million pesos. About 26 thousands of homes were said to have been damaged.

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Two Olympic-sized pools of water leaking from the dam every second

Rescue and rescue operations are underway, based on government data, but now the magat dam releases so much water every second that the two Olympic-sized pools are filled.

Vamco is the 21st this year that hit the Philippines. It came after Goni, the most powerful hurricane in the world, which a few days earlier had wreaked great havoc in the southern provinces of Luzon.

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