The Chinese “weapon” has become the reason for his embarrassment, read what the problem is


The latest report from the Chinese newspaper Global Times caused Beijing to be embarrassed. The newspaper said in its report that China is sending goods from donkeys and mules to the border, while previously rumored to be using modern technology.

The Chinese army delivers goods via donkeys and mules to the border

Beijing: The Chinese Communist government uses “Global Times” to spread panic. From time to time, sharing China’s military readiness on social media from time to time shows that the Chinese military is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is ready to face any situation. However, now this Chinese “weapon” has become the cause of his embarrassment.

Out of the first complaint

The latest report from the “Global Times” highlighted China’s preparations. The newspaper said in its report that the Chinese military is providing military equipment and logistics to the forward position via donkeys and mules along the Indian border in Tibet. While prior to this, Global Times itself claimed that the Chinese military is sending goods via modern drones across the Ladakh border.

In addition to advanced technologies such as drones, Chinese troops including # Tibetan militia transport units use mules and horses as a practical approach to deliver supplies to soldiers in high-altitude bases with harsh environments near the border.

– Global Times (@globaltimesnews) October 21, 2020

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Open Dragon’s Pole

The Global Times wrote in the report: “The Tibetan militia transport unit of the Chinese army is using mules and horses to send goods to greater heights at the border.” However, the newspaper also said that modern technologies are also used, but this “mention” is not enough to save China from trouble. Due to hyperactivity, the Global Times not only falsified its claim, it also opened the dragon pole globally.

With these drones, PLA frontline soldiers can enjoy their meals once winter reaches the plateau. Some sympathize with neighboring Indian soldiers who can only eat cold canned food and have to endure the severe cold and the potential spread of COVID – 19.

– Hu Xijin 胡锡 进 (@HuXijin_GT) September 11, 2020

India was tight

Earlier, the Chinese government spokesman ‘Global Times’ said it was using advanced technologies such as drones to provide logistical support to troops deployed in remote areas of the Line of Actual Control (PLA). Not only this, the newspaper also lashed out at India. It was said on his behalf: “People of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) with the help of drones can enjoy hot food during the winter season. We have sympathy for the Indian soldiers, who only receive cold canned food ”.

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