The company made such a “gift”, the couple named their daughter after her

Bern: In Switzerland, a couple of their daughter’s name is called Twifia. This name may sound strange, but it has kept a similar name for a particular reason. In fact, the popular Internet service provider Twifi gave him a free Wi-Fi for the year 18 as a reward, thanks to which he called the company His daughter is called Twifia.

is an internet service provider company from Twiffy, Switzerland. It started a campaign where it encourages couples to use the branding in their children’s names. Information about this campaign has also been provided on the company’s website. It says: “Simply upload a photo of your child’s civil birth certificate. After verification, Twifi will give you 18 Internet for free for years.

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The first wife was not

ready.The couple accepted this proposal and called their daughter Twifia. However, Kapal claims that the name wasn’t strange to him. The husband said: ‘The more I thought about this name, the more unique it became to me. This is what attracted me.

The wife said it took longer than her husband to accept this name for his daughter. However, he also said: ‘For me, this name also has a better meaning. The name Twifia also means connection. It is for an eternal bond. There are very bad names in the world. At the same time, the more times we say “Twifia”, the closer we feel to the heart. “

But Exposed Did Not Identify

The couple, who have the name of such a different daughter, refused to reveal their names. The couple decided to remain anonymous as they feel that people will judge them because of their daughter’s name after the service provider’s company. They don’t want to resist this pressure.

He said: ‘We want to remain anonymous to the people around us because we don’t want to clean up ourselves. We’re sorry to sell our son’s name like this and we’re a little ashamed too. ‘

Meanwhile, the owner of the company, Philippe Faesch, has assured people that if his company is closed, he will personally give the Wi-Fi money to the people under this campaign.

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