All economic experts agree that it is still too early to quantify in a fine way the consequences of this planetary crisis due to the coronavirus.The dates will arrive when balances can be made and dizzying macroeconomic figures can be presented. However, in the field of technology and electronics, at least, we can already start talking about delays in the arrival of new products. Component production slows; high-tech cameras, 5G phones and video game consoles may hit stores later than expected.

One of the most striking cases, revealed by the same brand, is the one referred to the Nikon D6 camera. The launch of this device will not take place until May. The release to the market was scheduled for this March, but as confirmed by the Japanese firm it will not be possible. Nikon is fighting a tough battle with other competitors very well positioned within the global sales of photographic equipment such as Canon and Sony.

Those who are also natural competitors in their sector are the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X video consoles. Specialized publications such as Business Insider point out as a more than probable forecast that the manufacturers of these devices for video games will have to delay the release to the market, initially planned for the Christmas campaign of the current 2020.

Both Sony and Microsoft, makers of PlayStation and Xbox respectively, buy a large number of components in China. The Asian colossus is currently mired in a slowdown, if not paralysis, of its production lines. The manufacture of certain electronic parts has suffered sharply.

It is clear that new games for these consoles that may see their release on the market delayed will suffer the same delays. The new audiovisual products for PlayStation and Xbox will await the launch of the devices to reach the store shelves.

John Riley

John Riley

John has studied B. Tech at Aerospace and started her career as a Research Associate in a renowned research institute. He's quite powerful in distance technical theories and has a solid understanding of the same. He's a jolly character and meanwhile, he enjoys to watch content-oriented films and enjoying the piano. He considers it assists in maintaining his remaining mentally active. In our business, he oversees a science column and relevant posts to exactly the same.

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