The crime of policemen will have to be published in this country, it will be punished

Paris: from the government of France to the police A law is coming with the aim of strengthening it. After the implementation of this law, actions will be taken against those who post their photos with the intention of harming the police. The government presented the draft law to parliament, discussed on Tuesday.

Anticipation of human rights organizations

) At the same time, human rights organizations have opposed this bill. He says this will not only affect press freedom, but there will also be a danger of unnecessarily harassing people. While the government says the purpose of the bill is only to stop the violence against police officers.

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These are the provisions

In this bill of the government of President Emmanuel Macron, the guilty are sentenced to one year in prison and 45,

Euro (53,000 dollar) has a provision on the fine. Let me tell you that Macron’s party has a majority in the National Assembly, so it is believed that the bill will be passed despite the opposition.

Minister of the Interior supported

The proposed law states that posting photographs of police officers with the intention of causing physical or psychological harm would be considered a crime. So even if any support was used for this. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin supported the bill, stating that such a law is very important to take effect.

So the law is needed

) Gerald said: “Cops are subjected to constant threats after their identity is revealed. Female officers are also threatened with rape. They are harassed in many ways. Therefore, this law is very important. However, he made it clear that the media need not fear in any way. The minister said journalists can film police interventions as before.

Fundamental rights will be lower

) French human rights ombudsman Claire Hedon said the bill contained risks of undermining fundamental rights, including freedom of the press. He said the publication of images relating to the police intervention is valid and necessary for democratic functioning. At the same time, journalists’ unions also opposed this bill.

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