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The establishment of a separate cell within the BTRC to monitor social media around the clock.

It has been established by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) a special unit to monitor and eliminate ‘offensive’ content posted on social media platforms and websites. Chairman of the regulatory agency Shyam Sundar Sikder stated that Facebook and other social media platforms as well as the internet will be monitored 24 hours a day.

In this way, you will be able to eliminate any harmful connections or content that has gained widespread attention. By establishing the newly formed ‘Cyber Security Cell,’ the telecom regulator hopes to keep a watch on various types of ‘offensive’ content, such as ‘anti-government and anti-government’ content, that is spread through websites and social media.

In addition, the cell will try to maintain a close eye out for inflammatory and radical content on social, political, sexual, cultural, or religious themes, as well as content that promotes violence. Previously, the BTRC had stated that it would take action if law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other government organisations repeatedly requested that ‘offensive’ content be removed off the internet. From this point on, actions will be taken on their own initiative through this cell. In the beginning, work has begun, according to Shyam Sundar Sikder, chairman of the commission.

He stated that a ‘Online Security Cell’ has been established for the purpose of content monitoring and management in the cyber realm, which includes social media. We got down to business right away. The cell will begin operating within 24 hours, which is really soon.

If any special technology is required for the management of the cell in the future, we will take the initiative to implement it; nevertheless, these technologies will not be more expensive than current technology. He also stated that we will be able to begin the entire project with relative ease.

It should be noted that the Bangladesh government has demanded that 18,736 ‘offensive’ Facebook links be removed in the last year alone, according to official figures. A total of 4,006 links have been closed out of this total. YouTube authorities replied to requests to block 431 YouTube links in 72 cases, according to the company.

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