The French Prime Minister promises: Islamic terrorism will smash the dust

French Prime Minister Jean Castreaux

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the French government would continue to fight Fighting Relentlessly against Radical Islam.


) Nice / Paris: French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the French government continues the fight against radical Islamic terrorism (Fighting Relentlessly against radical Islam). He made this statement after paying tribute to the three French citizens killed in a knife attack by an Islamic terrorist in the city of Nice.

29 The attack took place in October

In the French city of Nice, a Tunisian shouted Allahu Akbar and stripped a woman of her head. And two others were killed by stabbing with knives. The attack took place in a church on 29 October, which was subsequently hit by police.

Fighting radical Islamic terrorism

After paying homage to the dead in the city of Nice, he said we now know about the enemy. Not only has his identity been revealed, but his name is also known. This is extreme political Islam, which is part of the religion of Islam. France will give all its strength in the fight against this enemy.

One attack after another in France

Before the attack in Nice, a Chechen man in Paris strangled the teacher by showing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to the classroom. After this 29, following the October Nees attack, the whole world was seen angry at Islamic terrorism. While, the accused of the attack in the city of Nees was seen shooting at the police, who are still hospitalized. France has continuously been a victim of Islamic terrorism in recent years.

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