The government of this country made this decision to withdraw the wages, millions of Indians will be affected

Saudi Arabia
The outbreak of the corona virus has not only killed over a million and a half people, but has also shocked the global economy, the recovery of which will take years.

New Delhi: The outbreak of the corona virus has not only killed over a million and a half people, but has also given the global economy such a shock, the recovery of which will take years. Obviously, this flood of unemployment is becoming a problem for millions of people. The Saudi Arabian government has made a decision in this regard and has caused concern to millions of people. The Ministry has made a decision here regarding the employment contract, citing the exceptional circumstances that have arisen as a result of the outbreak of the corona virus.

The Saudi Arabian newspaper Ashraq al-Aswat, citing a copy of this regulation, reports that employers have to shorten working hours and pay a total of six monthly salaries

enables a percentage reduction. In addition, the contract with the employees can be terminated after this period.
This decision also showed that the implementation of its provisions does not prevent private sector employers from receiving government benefits such as paying wages to workers, exemption from government fees, etc. However, the decision states that employers should not terminate contracts. If the employer does this, he has to meet three conditions.

These terms – 6 months have passed by applying the pay cut decision, or the employee’s entire vacation has ended, or the company can demonstrate that the company has suffered from a coronavirus epidemic. Let us tell you that 25 more than Lakh Indians live in Saudi Arabia.

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