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The ‘Halo’ Warthog vehicle designed by Ken Block is more brutal than brutal.

This bucket is a serious piece of equipment. Here’s where you can see Ken Block’s new ‘Halo’ car.

Ken Block is primarily known for his extreme drift movies in which he drives cars. The man has built an empire around it, and he is really attractive. Block’s Hoonigan Industries has completed the construction of a fully operational Warthog vehicle. The team has produced a series on the subject, which will be available on YouTube.

The ‘Halo’ Warthog Vehicle designed by Ken Block

That’s fantastic. Despite the fact that it is not the first life-size replica of Halo’s renowned armoured vehicle to be created, this one is quite effective. The colossus even made his debut at the international premiere of the film Free Guy, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character. He takes on the role of a bank teller who realises that he is only a character in an open world video game.

The real Warthog was built by the members of Block’s team using a rockcrawler chassis that they designed themselves. However, despite the fact that it does not have a mounted gun, it undeniably resembles the Warthog due to its robust body, futuristic form, curved windscreen, and massive tyres. Each detail was carefully considered: the inside is an exact reproduction of its virtual counterpart, and the team included four-wheel steering as an extra feature. It will, of course, require a powerful engine. They went with a Ford V8 engine and upgraded it with two turbochargers to produce 1,060 horsepower. You will be successful in this endeavour.


The machine is well-known to us thanks to the different games in the Halo franchise. The Hoonigan crew created a duplicate of it in order to advertise the next Halo Infinite game, which will be released in December. That, I believe, will work. You may see examples of this in the photographs below.

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