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The long-awaited Grand Theft Auto Remaster has been confirmed by Rockstar’s own code.

After a slew of rumours and leaks from various sources, the moment has finally arrived, as Rockstar’s own launcher confirms the release of a GTA Trilogy Remaster.

Very recently, it became crystal evident for the first time that Rockstar was working on multiple remasters of its previous games. After all, the official rating for the remaster of the three classic 3D Grand Theft Auto games has been filed. However, the information did not come from Rockstar itself, according to the rules of the game. It is now quite obvious that a remaster of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas will be released.

GTA Tilogy Remaster is now available on the launcher.

On Twitter, a data miner publishes his unequivocal conclusions concerning the Grand Theft Auto remasters that he discovered through his research. He discovered references to, you guessed it, the games in question in the current version of Rockstar’s launcher. As a matter of fact, since September, there have been references to the aforementioned games in the code of the game launcher.

Consequently, it is now crystal evident (if it wasn’t already) that Rockstar Games is preparing for the GTA Remastered Trilogy. After all, the launcher is the location from which gamers can initiate game play. With the addition of the remastered Trilogy, it is almost impossible to imagine that the games will not be released in the near future. After all, making the games available to the public is the very last step in the development process before they are released.

Another version of the Trilogy is presently available for purchase through Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are the names given by the American business to the three games. Users can obtain the original trilogy by searching for it on Amazon. Rockstar, on the other hand, has put an end to the game’s aesthetics, which were exceedingly obsolete at the time of its release. Perhaps there will even be a minor gameplay enhancement as a thank you for your support.

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