The mother refused, so the five-year-old boy went out to buy Lamborghini himself

In the middle of the news about coronavirus, a message has come from America after reading that you may also be wondering what to do.

Police interrogate the child

Washington: In the midst of Coronavirus news, a message has come from America after reading that you may also be wondering what to do. In the western U.S. state of Utah, the freeway police arrested a child who had fled his home to buy a car. The child told the police that he had an argument with his mother when they refused to buy his favorite Lamborghini sports car. Annoyed, he went out to buy the car himself. However, when the police asked the child if they had the money to buy the car, hearing the answer made everyone laugh. The child’s answer was: Yes, I have three dollars.

Police officer Rick Morgan reported that after the argument, the child stole his mother’s car and drove to California without asking anyone to buy his favorite sports car. . According to Morgan, when he saw that the car happened to be moving on the freeway, he thought the driver might be in trouble. He immediately stopped the car, but was shocked when he looked inside.

Rick Morgan said the child was having trouble driving due to the length. So he was sitting on the edge of the driver’s seat so the brakes and clutch could somehow reach. The dash cam video released by the police shows the child driving the SUV strangely. When the police ask him to stop, it is difficult for him to stop the car on the side of the road.

Measures are being taken for parents

The police have not yet been able to contact the child’s parents. Because he says that both left him under the supervision of siblings and went to work. The Highway Patrol lieutenant, Nick Street, said that no one was injured and that there was apparently no property damage, but the child’s parents would take action on this.

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Herbert Clark

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