The mysterious metal monolith would disappear in the American desert

The luminous triangular column stretched about 12 feet from the red cliffs of southern Utah

Los Angeles:

Officials said a mysterious metal monolith was found in the remote deserts of the western United States, a national guessing game on how it got there has apparently disappeared.

The Utah Bureau of Land Management said it received a “credible report” on Saturday that the object was removed “by an unknown party” on Friday evening.

“The structure has not been removed as private property,” the office said in a statement.

“We do not investigate crimes involving personal property that are controlled by the local sheriff’s office.”

The shiny, triangular column, about 12 feet from the red cliffs of southern Utah, was seen on November 18 by local authorities who were counting bighorn sheep from the air.

After their helicopter landed for investigation, Utah Department of Public Safety crew members found “a metal monolith lodged in the ground,” but “there is no clear indication of who might have. placed the monolith there. ”

2020 ‘Reset button’

News of the discovery quickly went viral, drawing attention to the object’s similarity to many strange alien monoliths, making a big leap in human progress in Stanley Kubrick’s classic sci-fi film “2001: A Space Odyssey ”.

Others have commented on its discovery in a turbulent year that saw the world gripped by the Kovid-19 outbreak and hopefully speculated that it could be a task totally different.

“It’s the ‘reset’ button for 2020. Can someone quickly press it?” Laughs at an Instagram user.

“Someone took the time to really dig out a concrete cutting tool or something, roughly the exact size of the object, and fit it in,” said Nick Street, a carrier. word of the Ministry of Public Security. New York Times.

“It’s weird,” he said. “There are roads nearby, but the material has to be hauled to cut the rock and haul the metal, which is over 12 square feet long – it’s certainly interesting in this remote location to do it all.”

Some observers have pointed to the object’s resemblance to the distant work of John McCracken, an American artist who lived for some time in neighboring New Mexico and died in 2011.

His son, Patrick McCracken, recently told The Times that his father told him in 2002 that he “would like to leave his works of art in distant places to be discovered later.”

Although authorities have refused to reveal the location of the object fearing that crowds of curious onlookers will flock to the isolated forest, some explorers have been able to locate it.

Instagram user David Surber said he found the monolith using contact details posted on Reddit.

“Apparently the monolith is gone,” he later posted.

“Nature has returned to its natural state. I think there will be something positive for a popular rally in 2020. ”

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