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The Nintendo Switch now has a popular function that was previously unavailable.

Actually, you’re left wondering why the Nintendo Switch hasn’t had this function for quite some time.

Nintendo has established itself as a necessary component of the (game) universe. Nintendo was the video game system that came before the PlayStation, Xbox, and, to some extent, the gaming PC. At some point, it turned into a competition, and Nintendo was forced to depend mostly on their enormously successful portable gaming devices (Gameboy, DS, and so on), and subsequently on the ubiquitous Wii, to stay competitive. In terms of sales statistics, this is not a terrible portfolio. Nintendo was nearly a laughing joke in the world of PlayStations, Xboxes, and even mobile gaming until the release of the Wii U, which didn’t actually break the bank.


The Nintendo Switch will need to make up for lost time. That is something that does happen. It’s exactly how the Wii U should have been, but it’s done far better. Even while it can be used as a single large portable device, the ‘joy-con’ controllers may also be removed to make it more usable as a controller. Moreover, if you find the screen, which may be either an LCD screen or the new OLED screen, to be too tiny, you can have everything sent to your TV through a docking station instead. It’s a breath of new air in the gaming console sector, and many people are enthusiastic about it.

Switching is now possible.

Is everything a bed of flowers and a glass of moonshine now? That’s not it at all. However, there is one function that was absent from the Nintendo Switch.
That is no longer the case. Nintendo stated on Twitter that the Switch will have access to Bluetooth audio as part of the next software update. That feature was not available on the Switch at the time. It will function as usual: under the device settings, you may scan for and connect your Bluetooth devices in the same manner as before. As someone pointed out in the Twitter thread, you can now use your AirPods with your Switch, which was previously impossible.

Is it too late?

Which, by the way, has also been called into question on Twitter: Nintendo states unequivocally that it is a software update for the Switch that has Bluetooth capability enabled by default. To put it another way, the hardware was already in place and hasn’t changed much since the Switch first appeared on the market.
So what was the hold-up? Why did it take so long?

Please remember that it is “better late than never” and that you may enjoy listening to your Nintendo Switch via your preferred Bluetooth headphones. It is not feasible to respond verbally since it is strictly an audio-only medium.

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