The number of people who died as a result of the earthquake in Turkey and Greece increased 27


The number of people who died in the powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea, located between the west coast of Turkey and the island of Samos in Greece has increased 27, while 800 other people were injured.


Izmir (Turkey): Turkey (Turkey)) The number of people who died in the powerful earthquake in the Aegean Sea, located between the west coast of Samos and the island of Greece

, while more people were injured 800 Eh. Rescue teams are buried under the rubble of eight buildings on Saturday and campaigned to find survivors. Rescuers rescued a teenager from the rubble of an apartment in Izmir’s Birakali district, along with his dog. Many people are present near the rubble to hear from friends and relatives. 

According to the government news agency Anadolu, the rescuers of another wreck of the building 38 Contact with the old woman, her four children along with that woman are buried under the rubble and they are all being removed. On Saturday morning, two women were pulled from a building wreck. Total 100 people were evacuated by the earthquake.

Environment Minister Murat Kurum told reporters that five thousand rescuers are engaged in this work. Buildings collapsed in the third Turkish city of Izmir due to the earthquake that occurred on Friday afternoon and small tsunamis occurred in Seferihisar and Samos in the district of Izmir. Even after this earthquake there were hundreds of mild tremors. The Turkish Department for Disaster and Emergency Management reported that Izmir has at least 25 people died, one of them due to the drowning of an elderly woman. Health authorities said two teenagers trapped in Samos died as a result of the collapse of a wall. At least 000 people were injured on the island. More than 800 people were injured in the earthquake.

The department said the earthquake’s epicenter was in the Aegean 16 It was 5 kilometers below. The intensity of the earthquake was 6.6. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center stated that the earthquake initially had a magnitude of 6.9 and that its epicenter was on the island of Samos, north-north-east of Greece. Authorities warned Izmir residents not to return to the damaged buildings as they could collapse due to the mild tremors that followed the earthquake. More than 3, rescue personnel and relief materials sent to Izmir went. In the midst of tense relations between Greece and Turkey, officials from the two countries spread messages of solidarity at this difficult time, and the president of Greece and Turkey held a telephone conversation.

(Input- AP agency)

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