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The release of GTA V on PlayStation 5 seems to be a setback.

A new trailer for GTA V on the PlayStation 5 has been released! However, it does not seem to be very promising.

Are you looking forward to playing Grand Theft Auto V on the next generation of consoles? When it comes to visuals, you may have thought about those amazing modifications that you have installed on your computer. Mods that alter the visual appearance of Grand Theft Auto. If you were hoping for anything along these lines, Rockstar Games has some terrible news for you: it won’t happen.

A new trailer was shown at the PlayStation Showcase, which took place yesterday. New information, including video of GTA V on the PlayStation 5, has been released. Rockstar mentions graphics enhancements in the game, but to be honest, there isn’t much to see. However, it seems to be a refined version of the PlayStation 4, although in a very basic manner. The fact that loading times will be kept to a bare minimum is a significant improvement.

In addition to GTA V, the video also included a discussion about GTA Online. This is due to the fact that Online is probably the more significant of the two games. In any event, Rockstar will benefit from this since they will continue to collect money from the player even after the transaction has been completed.

In addition, we have a release date. There is also bad news in this region. At the time of writing, it was anticipated to be published this autumn. That is not going to happen. Instead, GTA V will not be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X until March 2022, according to Rockstar.

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