The strongest Typhoon Goni hit the Philippines today

The Philippines receives an average of 20 storms and typhoons each year.


This year’s most powerful storm in the world, Goni, is expected to hit the Philippines. Given the threat of the storm, more than two Philippine lakhs have been asked to leave their homes. In addition, local authorities have warned of “devastating” winds and storms. The Philippines meteorological department said Typhoon Goni is expected to hit the main island of Luzon on Sunday morning. During this time, strong winds can reach 205 km / h.

Recently, Typhoon Molave ​​has also come into this area. It killed 22 people and flooded villages and lower fields.

Precautionary measures have been taken in the face of Typhoon Goni. It was decided to convert the schools that have been closed since the time of the Corona epidemic into emergency shelters. In addition, government evacuation centers and gymnasiums will also be used.

“It looks like there will be strong winds, which will increase the likelihood of flooding and landslides,” National Timber Reduction and Management Council spokesperson Mark Timble told the channel. local television station ABS-CBN. He said we are monitoring the situation.

Let us tell you that on average, 20 storms and typhoons occur each year in the Philippines, which typically devastate crops, homes and infrastructure, affecting millions of people.

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