The students took this step for a beef ban at the University of Oxford

London : Oxford, one of the best universities in the world At the University of Oxford, there may be no beef and lamb. Because Oxford University students have united against this and passed a resolution through the vote, calling for a ban on serving beef and lamb.

The reason is not religious

) The demands of Oxford University students are to make people aware of climate change rather than religious. The University of Oxford’s organization of thousands of students 22 made this request and this proposal also received the support of over two thirds of the students.

Students can consider upon request

According to the Daily Mail news, this proposal from the students and the student council was sent to the University Management. The final decision on the matter will be taken by the University Management itself. Because the student union doesn’t have the power to change politics.

What is written in the proposal?

In the Oxford University Student Union’s proposal, it is written that the whole world looks to Oxford for change. But the university’s position on this issue is surprising. We want climate change to be included in the goals achieved by the University of the year 2030 and beef to be immediately placed in the canteen. Gradually, these restrictions should be implemented across the campus.

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