The Thai government signs an agreement with the demonstrators, the emergency lifted

Bangkok: Thai government protesters (Thai protest) Signs of agreement with. Prime Minister Prayut Chan O Cha announced the end of the emergency from the capital Bangkok (Bangkok) . Demonstrations continue in other cities in Thailand, including Bangkok. Protesters are constantly calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister. A Thai government statement says: 15 the emergency imposed in October will be lifted on Thursday.

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We tell you there is a protest against the democratic reform measures in Thailand. Thousands of people are taking to the streets against the government. The emergency was imposed due to the growing protest. There was a ban on gathering more than four people in one place. Protesters marched to the Prime Minister’s official residence.

Protests are ongoing

Now Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has said the emergency has been lifted from Bangkok. But the protesters are still constantly calling on the Prime Minister to step down and restore the powers of the monarchy. On behalf of the demonstrators, the Prime Minister had three days to step down.


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