The UAE takes a hit on PAK by citing national security, and the Indians will benefit

The Corona epidemic has changed the whole world. Not only has global geopolitics and diplomacy changed, but it has also given many countries the ease of making some decisions that they cannot do under normal circumstances. This is the case in the United Arab Emirates, where the UAE government initially dealt a major blow to Pakistan in the name of national security and then in the name of national security.

The UAE has not launched such a strike before. The

UAE has stopped entry to citizens of 13 countries in the Emirates, and has issued work visas under the pretext of strengthening national security. Done. It also includes countries involved in war, such as Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen.

The United Arab Emirates imposes a ban on granting new visas to citizens of 13 countries including Pakistan

Pause, excuse!

The UAE imposed this ban temporarily, but it is believed that a large number of Pakistan’s population will face difficulties. Because a large number of people from Pakistan go to the Emirates to earn bread and also send foreign currency in large quantities to Pakistan. The names of Somalia, Iraq and Turkey are also included in this list. The names of these countries are more on this list, which opposes the Saudi group. Especially Turkey.

Banning the issuance of visas since last week

A Pakistani government official said that the UAE initially took this step under the pretext of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, but now the matter has been clarified. However, the government said it would take the whole thing before the UAE.

The number of Pakistani prisoners in Saudi and Emirati prisons has increased.

According to a report, the number of Pakistani citizens has reached record numbers in Saudi and UAE prisons. There has been an increase in such cases in the recent past. Meanwhile, there are more than 200 Pakistani prisoners in Saudi prisons.

The worst hit for Pakistanis in the Corona period

In the era of the Corona epidemic, citizens of all countries lost their jobs in the Emirates. But more than 13,000 Pakistanis lost their jobs.

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