The United States continued to do “no,” insisting that this country test the missile system

Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Ardoan

Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Ardo आन confirmed on Friday that his country had given S – despite US objections they tested the missile defense system.


Istanbul: Turkish President Rajab Tayeb Ardoan confirmed on Friday that his country had not accepted the SS – 400 tested missile defense system. Ardo आन an said Turkey has the right to test its equipment.

S – 400 Missile Defense System

He said: ‘America’s position does not bind us in any way. We don’t need to ask America. The United States strongly opposed the purchase of the Russian anti-aircraft system by NATO member Turkey to Turkey with its F – 35 fighter aircraft program It was discovered. The United States had claimed that the S – 400 system is a threat to stealth fighters and cannot be used with the NATO system.

America also warned to ban Turkey for this. Turkey said it bought the S – 400 missile defense system from Russia after the US refused to sell the US Patriot system. Turkey also said that whatever system it can buy is its sovereign right. Turkish President Ardo आन an accused the United States of adopting double standards and said that Greece, a member of NATO, also used the S – 300 missile defense system. It has been done.

Turkey had previously said that the operation of the S – 400 system would start in April, but the system would be activated It was delayed Last week, Turkish media reported that the army had deployed the Russian S – air defense system – 400 in the province of Sinope, near the Black Sea. I tried Now President Ardoan has stamped these reports.

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