The US blames the WHO, who accuses Corona of hiding information, and is also preparing a case against China

Washington: Coronavirus may increase China’s epidemic difficulties. After America, Britain and France asked him about the answer to the virus. In the meantime, a law against China has been introduced in the US Parliament.

With the passage of this law, the United States can file a lawsuit against China with the federal court to compensate for epidemic deaths and economic losses. This bill was introduced by two U.S. lawmakers.

Let us say that America has already said that China is the worst country for the spread of corona in the world. France and Britain have also become aggressive towards China, given America’s sharp stance. Both countries have made it clear that Beijing has to answer questions related to Corona, and if it does not, relations with Corona will be affected.

Acting British Prime Minister Domnik said China should say how the coronavirus became an epidemic. China cannot remain silent, it has to answer our questions. Similarly, French President Emmanuel Macro targeted China, saying that many such things happened that no one knows about.

Mary Hornsby

Mary Hornsby

Mary has studied Masters in Biology and looks after the health domain brilliantly. She has great understanding of drugs and regulations in a variety of states and retains our customers upgraded with new drugs blessings and their own counterparts. She's a passionate writer and at no time reads concerning scientific posts and prefers attending health conventions in town whenever she is there.

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