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There are four reasons why season 11 of The Walking Dead is worth watching.

How’s S11 from The Walking Dead doing these days? It’s entertaining, after all. We explain why.

The Walking Dead can be seen in the Netherlands on the Fox network. Disney Plus is a simpler, and in some cases even superior, method of access. New episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11 are released every week. The first three were shown live and we were there to see them. And it’s worth the effort!

New  Threats  Each season of The Walking Dead brings new challenges for survivors as they face zombies and other dangers. The last couple of seasons have been a little overwhelming. There is a new and frightening danger in season 11. It has a taste reminiscent of previous seasons, and it’s wonderful! We won’t tell you anything; you have to find out for yourself.

Brutal Reaction  An entire season of The Walking Dead usually has little more than one really standout episode, if any. At least that reputation has improved a bit in recent years. Season 11 won’t be like that. The first, second and third episodes are excellent. And full of bloodthirsty action.

There will be no illogical flashbacks. The Walking Dead had a lot of episodes that were very boring which was a huge mistake. These were partly due to flashbacks and poor conversation. Despite the fact that we’re only in three episodes of season 11, things are looking awesome so far. There will be no pointless discussions and there will be no pointless memories.

This is the final season of the show.  For now, the creators of Game of Thrones have focused on how not to do it. Because the past season was a complete disaster, the season finale was the low point. This season of The Walking Dead seems to take a different approach than previous seasons. Is it a Satisfactory Conclusion? We definitely hope so!

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