These Bhutanese products got the Indian market, you know what the strategy is

New Delhi: India’s Bhutan Five agricultural products have been allowed to sell in the Indian market. This decision will increase trade between the two countries. The recent decision will make it easier for traders in Bhutan to access a large Indian market.

These products are permitted

) Bhutanese products that have entered the Indian market include Areca nut, mandarin, apple, potato and ginger. In February of this year 2020, it was discussed during the visit of Indian Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal to Bhutan, which has now been implemented with immediate effect. Indian envoy Ruchira Kamboj, present in Bhutan, called it a decision taken to achieve the goal of development. He said both bilateral exchanges will now gain momentum.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare of India 14 issued a notification in October, which 16 was published in the Gazette of India in October 2020. These five agricultural products were notified under the Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import for India) Order, 2003.

Bhutan hand out

) Meanwhile, Bhutan’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has allowed the importation of tomatoes, onions and ladyfingers from India under its plant quarantine rules and regulations (2018). The current decision came after discussions between India’s National Plant Protection Organization and the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority of Bhutan. Previously, only two Bhutanese agricultural products, asparagus and cardamom, were listed under the Plant Quarantine Order of India, under which Bhutan could only formally export these two items to India.

India is Bhutan’s main trading partner. 2018 The total 9227 between the two countries was bilateral at Rs 7 crore. The main products exported from India to Bhutan include minerals, machinery, mechanical equipment, power tools and plastics. Bhutan exports electricity, ferro-silicon, Portland cement and dolomite to India.


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