This city of America has a title that no one would want to get!

New York: The city of Chicago (Chicago) has one It has achieved the status that no city-village would ever want to achieve. It has been classified as the dirtiest city in the United States.

Atlanta’s Pest Control Service Orkin from September 1 of each year 31 during the month of August according to the number of animals munching 50 ranks American cities. Chicago has this status only in this.

The company released a press release stating, “The munching creature has experience finding food and shelter and are also very flexible in terms of ways to get those two things. Residential areas are an ideal place for these mice to live and once they enter the house they breed and increase their numbers in a big way.

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Control of the mouse population unable to

Efforts have been underway for many years to control the rat population in the city. In 2016, residents started breeding cats to reduce the number of mice.

According to Orkin, their population made no difference to people even when they lived in homes and closed businesses. Now Orkin has warned that the movements of the mice “will continue to grow” as the mice will need warmer homes as the winter months arrive.

In the top ten cities on Orkin’s list, Chicago is followed by Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver, and Minneapolis.

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