This country bowed to the public outrage, and the rapists would now be hanged

Dhaka: The rapists in Bangladesh) will now be sentenced to death. Bearing in mind the people’s anger over recent events, the Bangladesh Cabinet on Monday approved a proposal to increase the maximum sentence for rape cases from life imprisonment to death. The government said that President Abdelhamid can order an amendment to the Law on Harassment of Women and Children, as Parliament is yet to convene.

A thousand cases in 9 months

According to a report by the human rights organization Ayn O Salish Kendra, there has been an increase in sexual crimes in recent years in Bangladesh. Between January and September, about 1,000 of these incidents were carried out, with five of them raped en masse. There was already anger among the people over the increase in crimes against women, but a recent incident sparked that outrage.

This anger was feeding this

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media, in which it appeared that some people in the southeastern region were walking around naked and female. According to the Human Rights Committee, the victim was raped for more than a year. People caught fire as soon as this video appeared. A campaign to punish the rapists has begun. In the capital, Dhaka, a large number of women and students took to the streets to protest. With this in mind, the government has now approved a death sentence for rapists.

Law Minister Anis Al-Haq said that the cabinet headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had approved the death penalty proposal for rape. President Abdel Hamid can issue an order to amend the law on harassment of women and children, as the parliament is not in session.

Dismantle experts

) However, experts say the death penalty will not improve the situation. According to him, until the system is not completely changed, punishment cannot be inculcated in criminals. Management must consider such situations seriously and sensitively and take immediate action. Due to poor investigations, in most cases, the accused cannot be found guilty. So the infrastructure needs to be repaired firs

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