This country is arguing in court over Donald Trump’s allegations, “it’s over now”

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump Everyone is dissatisfied with the insistence Pennsylvania has asked the court to terminate the lawsuit filed on Trump’s behalf to focus on the real issues. A Pennsylvania attorney said during the case hearing that Trump’s allegations are unfounded, so his case should be dismissed.

The challenge to victory gave

Donald Trump challenged the victory of Joe Biden in Pennsylvania. He went to court to prevent Biden from providing him with a certificate of victory. During the case hearing, Pennsylvania announced its position that it was time to end the legal conflict, so that the real issues of the country could be addressed.

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Nationwide fraud occurred

During a federal court hearing, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told U.S. District Judge Matthew Bran that the November 3 election had caused widespread nationwide fraud, and President Trump claimed so too. However, he could not provide any evidence in this regard. In response, Pennsylvania attorney Mark Ironik called the court to end the case. He said this legal struggle must end here now.

He lives in a fictional world

, Donald Trump went to the courts in several states after the election results appeared. Mark Aaronic, who represents the various counties of Pennsylvania, said that Trump’s lawyer Rudy lives in a fictional world. Because they believe that the elections were rigged. While there is no such thing. Let me tell you that in the beginning the Trump campaign claimed that Republican observers were denied access to the countdown hall. But on Sunday it was reported that some voters were incorrectly allowed to affix ballots, which were rejected due to technical errors.

Accusations, not evidence,

according to the report, 20 Joe Biden, who in January took Pennsylvania 70,000 won more votes. He received a total of 49 9% votes while Trump received 48 8%. Donald Trump says that because of the fraud in the elections, his votes are being shown less often. However, it is different that until now they have not been able to provide any evidence related to fraud. This is why his side weakens on the field. His lawyers also believe that a legal battle cannot proceed without evidence.

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