This food can be harmful if you have pain in your hands and legs. | These things increase your pain variously, don’t forget to consume it at night

There are many problems that make it difficult to get rid of as you age. Common hand and leg pain. In addition to this, this pain can occur in people of any age. If you are a person with frequent pain in your limbs, you should avoid several things at night (avoid food at night). Today we will tell you 5 things that you can’t forget even at night Instead of reducing pain, it increases significantly.

consumption should be avoided at night. Digestion is difficult at night, and stomach gas, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain and diarrhea can be troublesome. It can also cause pain in the limbs.

time by eating cucumbers. The cucumber effect is cold, in this case, taking it at night can increase pain in the limbs. People over 50 often have pain in their limbs. In such a situation, eating cucumbers at night can turn into a terrible form.

Also, drinking tomato soup for the winter has many benefits and keeps you mindful of your weight.

Curd and buttermilk curd and buttermilk
should be avoided at night. Eating these can cause swelling and pain in the limbs. Also, those who already have this problem should not forget it.

Eating Fruit If
you are one of those people, don’t forget to eat fruit even at night if you suffer from hand and foot pain. This can lead to sleep problems and fatigue the next day.

Sweet Things
Several studies have shown that processed sugar increases the inflammatory factors in the body, causing inflammation and pain in the joints. Therefore, avoid such things on nights with a large amount of suger.

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(Note: doctors consult before taking any action)

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