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This is one of the reasons why the iPhone 13 is now out of stock.

Unfortunately, Apple is also experiencing production issues with the iPhone 13, which means that the phone is currently available in lower quantities than anticipated.

If you develop something that incorporates a chip or processor, you will almost certainly run into production issues at some point during the process. That may seem like an unusual assumption, and it is something that even the greatest of the greats may easily avoid, but it is actually true. Even Apple is impacted by this issue. Previously, it appeared that Apple was increasing the price of the iPhone 14 to compensate for increased production costs, but now the iPhone 13’s supply is being questioned.

iPhone 13 is a little less.

Among Apple’s significant suppliers are Texas Instruments, which offers a critical component for the OLED screen, and Broadcom, which provides wireless components. Both companies are affected by the global semiconductor shortage. According to Bloomberg, Apple insiders believe this. Forecasts have previously predicted that this will result in a limited supply of the iPhone 13, and they are correct in their assessment.


Because you’ve already taken notice of the limited supplies. If you order an iPhone 13 (Pro) today, you will not be able to purchase one from the Apple Store’s current inventory. Your phone will be delivered by the 18th of November. Waiting a month isn’t going to make much of a difference, but swiftly snatching up a new iPhone from the shelves isn’t one of them, unfortunately. In the opinion of Apple insiders, the company intends to reduce production by around 10 million devices, which will be deducted from the objective of 90 million units that they had intended to produce from September through December. Because of the holiday season, it is ‘critical’ for Apple that phones ordered now are delivered by November.

Various other products

It is not only the iPhone 13 that is suffering from a scarcity of supplies. In addition to the Watch Series 7, delivery issues with the new iPads are being experienced as a result of the parts scarcity. In the Netherlands, you can already see it happening: at Coolblue, for example, the iPhone 13 is already running low in supply, and at MediaMarkt, everything is completely sold out (online). Please be patient!

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