This record will be made on Monday at the International Space Center, you know the history of 20 years

Cape Canaveral: International Space Station) It has been circling Earth’s orbit for two decades and on Monday 20 years of human mission will be completed. However, the crew of three astronauts to reach the space center two days before October 31 only took off.

Unexpected change in 2 decades

When this center was established and the astronauts first moved in, there were three small rooms with tight, damp. This ISS welcomes travelers for close to 20 years and 241 passengers Since then it has seen many changes. Now this tower has become a complex structure with three bathrooms, six bedrooms and 12 rooms.

19 Direct Involvement of Countries

At the International Space Center, astronauts from 19 countries have had the opportunity to stay in this place, including those who go for repair work and roam at their own expense. Special training is also given to those who wish,

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New Age of Science

The first to arrive on the ISS were Bill Shepherd of the United States and Sergey Kriklev and Yuri Gidjenko of Russia from Kazakhstan October 31, 2000 began the journey and opened the door of the International Space Center two days later, on November 2 2000.. Then a new era of science was starting as ISS, they held hands to express solidarity.

Chief of Mission

Shepherd was the United States Navy Seal Commander who played the role of station commander. The first three astronauts spent most of their time repairing and installing equipment in even more difficult conditions than today. Kriklev recalls those days, saying it took hours to install and repair the machines in the new space station, while the work on earth was done in minutes.

Discussion held at NASA

Shepherd, who was recently involved in a discussion organized by the US space agency NASA with his hitchhiker, said: “Every day brings a new challenge in itself.” The first space center passengers took two November 2002 Remembering the day of our arrival, the first commanders of the space mission said that the first thing we did was turn on the light of the ISS, which was a very memorable moment, after of which we heated the drinking water. I went and flushed the toilet.


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