This special helicopter of US President Donald Trump is available for sale, the price will be surprised

2020 US presidential election

Real cost of US President Donald Trump’s helicopter 875,000 US dollar i.e. 6, 47, 10, 625 is rupee but now it is being sold for much more.

Trump’s helicopter has all the features.

Washington: US President Donald Trump’s special helicopter. This helicopter is no ordinary helicopter, as Trump has a lot of discussion. Finished in 1989 gold by Trumps Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter B has a lot of features, so its price is amazing too.

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The helicopter is special

Like the triumph, the special helicopter has also become very popular. Trump has shared photos with it many times. There is a special arrangement for sitting on the helicopter, in addition to the special design and luxurious leather seats, its biggest attraction is the gold trim. Actual helicopter cost 875, 000 US Dollar i.e. 6, 47, 10, 625 Rupees but now 000, 71, 23, 000 is for sale in Rupees.

The timing of the offer for the sale of Trump’s helicopter is also very important. In the recent US presidential election, there was talk of Trump pouring out billions of dollars like water in the election campaign.

Used in the election campaign.According

to the publicity given for the sale of Trump helicopters, it has completed approximately 6,259 hours of flight. The special triumph logo is placed on the tail of the helicopter. Trump also used this helicopter during the election for the US president. 2015 Gave the kids a helicopter ride to the Iowa State Fair. In small crowded gatherings, triumphs often come.


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