This state asks the court for the accusations of Donald Trump: “Now finish”

Washington: United States President Donald Trump Everyone is unhappy with Pennsylvania’s insistence that the court call for an end to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Trump to focus on the real issues. The Pennsylvania attorney said during the hearing of the case that Trump’s claims were unfounded, so his case should be dismissed.

challenged to win

Donald Trump challenged Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. He approached the court to prevent Biden from providing him with a victory certificate. During the hearing of the case, Pennsylvania said it was time to put an end to the legal struggle so that the real issues of the country could be addressed.

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Nationwide Fraud Occurred

During a federal court hearing, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told US District Judge Matthew Brann that the November 3 election had caused widespread fraud nationwide, and so did President Trump. he affirmed it. However, it could not produce any evidence in this regard. In response to this, Pennsylvania attorney Mark Aeronick asked the court to close the case. He said this legal fight should now end here.

living in a fantasy world

Donald Trump has approached the courts of many states after the election results came out. Mark Aronick, representing various Pennsylvania counties, said Trump’s attorney Rudy lives in a fictional world. Because they think the elections have been rigged. While there is no such thing. Let me tell you that Trump’s campaign initially claimed that Republican observers were denied access to the counting room. But on Sunday it was said that some voters were improperly allowed to correct ballot papers, which were rejected due to technical errors.

Prosecution, But Not Proof

According to the report, 20 Joe Biden, who took over Pennsylvania in January 70,000 won by more votes. He got the total 49.9% of votes while Trump got 48.8%. Donald Trump says that due to election fraud, his votes are less visible. However, it is different that until now they have not been able to present any evidence relating to the rigging. This is why his team is weakening on the pitch. His own lawyers also believe that a legal battle cannot be waged without evidence.

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