This video made Fox News gritty, you know what the problem is

Fox News

Trump refused to renounce President-elect Joe Biden, claiming the election was rigged, but he has no evidence to back up his claims I didn’t give

New Delhi: The American channel Fox News is facing a lot of criticism because of one of its promotional videos. This video serves to reinforce Donald Trump’s claim that the presidential election was rigged. Andrew Lawrence, head of Media Matters in the United States, shared the video on Twitter, in which the hosts of the channel were questioning the validity of the election.

Lawrence tweeted, ‘Oh my God, Fox is doing a promo of his’ Rai’ questioning the election results. I think he is trying to please his audience.

Oh my god, Fox is running a promo of their “opinion” hosts questioning the election results and I imagine trying to keep their angry viewers satiated. Lmao

– Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) November 14, 2020

Falsely called Media-Demacrates

In this video, host Tucker Carlson can be heard saying that “there are clearly irregularities”. Then Sean Hannity said that “the media crowd and the Democrats are lying”.

Explain that Trump refused to renounce President-elect Joe Biden, claiming the election was rigged, but he refuses to confirm his claims.No evidence has been provided for this.

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Supports Republicans Fox News

Fox News is commonly known for supporting Trump and the Republican Party. But the channel also points to the fact that people like other networks were too hasty to say that Biden had won Arizona.

On Thursday, Trump himself targeted Fox News by tweeting. Fox Trump’s ‘Fox News’ rating of the day has completely collapsed. Things are worse on the weekend. It is also sad to see that because of what he succeeded and those who made it successful have forgotten it.


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