Tile and Intel ensure that you never lose your laptop again

Tile and Intel are going to work together to process the (laptop) tracker technology in laptops with an Intel chip. This way you will never lose your laptop again.

Tile has been producing a handy gadget for some time now, so forgetfulness is no longer a problem. The small device can, for example, be attached to your keys, bicycle or wallet . Then you ping the box if you can’t find what you are looking for. Now Tile and Intel are going to work together to make the same for your laptop. And no, you don’t have to tape the gadget to your laptop.

Tile into your laptop
Tile and Intel announce that they will work together to process the gadget in laptops. This means that you no longer have a separate device that your laptop can possibly detect. Even when the laptop is in sleep mode, the Tile could still tell you where your computer is.

Of course it is not a miracle solution; especially if your laptop is stolen, then you have a problem. In principle, the feature works on Bluetooth and that means that you have to be very close to the criminal to trigger an audio signal.

Tile did come up with a different system. When you are too far away from your gadget, Tile will first let you know where the device was last pinged. Sometimes knowing where exactly you’ve lost something is helpful. Did you still have it at work, was it in your car, or were you at home when the device disappeared? Then Tile searches for another Tile nearby and your gadget knows how to connect to the Tile network, then you still have a location. And as our review of Tile shows, it all works pretty well.

Tile in all Intel
Although the two companies do not reveal a ridiculous amount of information about the plans, the collaboration is promising. Intel could give a Tile standard to all their chips. This means that there is a good chance that almost every laptop will have a Tile, which should make solving theft and accidental searches extremely easy.

Vanessa Guess

Vanessa Guess

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